Testing & Tagging

Testing & TaggingElectrical safety testing and tagging for all plug-in equipment falls under the general obligations of Section 21(2)(a) of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004).

Sheedy Oz Business Services can inspect, test and tag all plug-in electrical equipment at your workplace, in accordance with AS/NZS3760-2010, e.g. extension leads, powerboards (EPODs), RCDs, AC power packs, power cables, battery chargers, power tools, test equipment, computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, toasters, kettles, coffee machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, portable fans/heaters, etc.

Inspection and testing intervals range from 3 months (for high use, high risk, or hire equipment) to up to 5 years (for equipment not open to abuse, flexing of cords, etc). 

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