Training & Development

Training & DevelopmentStaff training and development activities are important in all businesses. In addition to improving your employees' skills specific to your business, it is important for you and your employees to be up-to-date in admin and management areas including finance, sales, marketing, administration and staff management.

New employees: When new staff members begin working in your business, they will need to be trained appropriately in order to fulfil their role.

New skills and knowledge: Existing employees may need to up-skill, not only to assist the business, but also to develop their own careers and keep them challenged and engaged.

Business and role changes: Changing circumstances require new learning (e.g. those brought about by new technology and business, social and legal change). You may need to change an employee’s role in order to cope with this and that will trigger the need for further training.

Sheedy Oz Business Services can provide professional training for your staff, on or off site.

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